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How many different types of fox are there?
There are 27 different breeds or types of fox!

The biggest and best known is the red fox. There is also the arctic or snow fox But there are many in many different climates - from warm north Africa to the Arctic.

Are all foxes red?
No, some 'red' foxes are brown, black or silver. Even foxes from the same litter can be different colours

Where do foxes live? They like to live in woodland, on farms and other parts of the countryside. Some (urban) foxes live in the gardens, parks and cemeteries inside towns and cities.

Where do they sleep?
They like to sleep in underground burrows. These are called 'earths'.

Which parts of the world have foxes?
Most of the northern hemisphere including Europe, North America and Japan. European foxes came to America (in the 1600s) and Australia (1800) with the British.

Foxes live in many different climates - from warm north Africa to the Arctic.
What do foxes eat?
Everything! They prefer meat but they also eat nuts, berries and any sort of fruit
Are they good at hunting?
Foxes are excellent hunters because they have exceptional sight, smell and hearing.

Unlike other mammals, the red fox is able to hear low-frequency sounds. This help them hunt small animals, even when they’re underground!
Are Foxes nocturnal?
Red foxes are nocturnal, but are sometimes active during the day.
Why is the Fennec 'the nocturnal fox'?
Because it uses its big ears hunt at night.
Fennecs foxes live in the hot African deserts.
Do foxes kill for fun?
No. Foxes only kill for food. They will sometimes kill a prey and bury it for later. This is because some nights the will not have prey to hunt.

In stories foxes are usually clever but 'bad'. They are very intelligent but they are not naturally wicked

Do most people hate foxes?

In a survey of 4,000 people in the UK 65% of people said they liked foxes.

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